Vision, Strategy, and Mission

Role and responsibility of the Community Development Office

The Community Development office at Amphur level will execute the development policies as laid out by the Provincial office, the ministry of Internal Affair and the government. The office will support and encourage the following activities in the c leaders in the community, local community bodies and their networks to initiate participation and involvement of people in the community. The office will collect crucial information in the community which will be used to improve the community. The office also handles all the administration work relevant to the community such as budgeting, accounting, public relation and others as assigned from the central administration.

Strategy of Community Development Department


1. Develop the plan to encourage learning and participation of people in the community.
2. Support the development of community manageability.
3. Support the micro economy according to the self-sufficiency economy policy.
4. Improve the collaboration between different organization bodies in the community.

Subject of Strategy

Create a peaceful community
– Resolve the poverty of the community.
– Improve happiness of the community according to the self-sufficiency economic policy.

Improve the efficiency of the community management
– Collect crucial data to help community development.
– Raise the potential of community leaders and organization.
– Drive the execution of community development plan.
– Encourage the learning and education in the community.

Encourage the economic development
– Support local manufacturers and marketing.
– Promote the local knowledge to global.
– Develop products from local knowledge and material.

Support good governance of local community
– Promote good governance of community fund.
– Develop stable economy for the community.

Improve the potential of the organization
– Develop the organization to accommodate rapid changes.
– Organize the people to increase the efficiency of the organization.
– Utilize the information technology to improve communication.
– Improve the public image of the organization.



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